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Colby Coash AMPED website

Hodge Home Inspections
Colby knew there was a need for training leaders and engaging with clients with speaking engagements.

Read more: Colby Coash AMPED website

Sports Eye Vision Training website

Fall Creek Vision Center
Dr. Kevin Smith at Fall Creek Vision Center was ready to add onto his optometry practice with a specialize sports training.

Read more: Sports Eye Vision Training website

Hodge Home Inspections website

Hodge Home Inspections
Mark Hodge has been in the construction business for numerous years and found out there was a need in Lincoln to help home owners purchase a new home.

Read more: Hodge Home Inspections website

Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry

Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Marty Killeen ventured out to start Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry. He already had an idea of who he wanted as clients and next he needed a website to reach that audience. 

Read more: Wilderness Station Pediatric Dentistry

Iowa AGD website

Iowa AGD
Iowa Academy of General Dentistry needed a website to connect with their members and one that meets the branding of the national AGD standards.

Read more: Iowa AGD website

Fall Creek Vision Center

Fall Creek Vision Center
Dr. Kevin Smith at Fall Creek Vision Center was ready for a website that better reflected the personality and feel of his optometry practice

Read more: Fall Creek Vision Center

TruGrit Consulting website

TruGrit Consulting
Jeff came to me with this mission of "Teaching others about true passion, giving of self, excellence in relationship building, ultimately will give us back the same gifts we are giving others."

Read more: TruGrit Consulting website

Midland Home Inspections

Midlands Home Inspections
Brent at Midlands Home Inspections came to me ready to revamp his website to give it a fresh look and more features than his previous site allowed.

Read more: Midland Home Inspections

KSB School Law website design

KSB School Law
Karen Haase ready to start a law firm with two parnters and needed a cost effective website to showcase the professional services they offered to area schools.

Read more: KSB School Law website design

Colorado Cornhusker Club

Colorado Cornhusker Club
The Husker fans living Colorado needed a website that would easily showcase news and watch sites.

Read more: Colorado Cornhusker Club

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About Just Be Ignited

Just Be Ignited was created when a small business approached me in need of a website that could be easily updated and maintained by them. They were just starting and were filling the niche market with a small budget and small profit margin.

The concept was easy:

  • Creative graphic design
  • Affordable rates
  • and easily maintained websites.

The opportunity presented itself and now I am moving ideas forward.

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Cost Effective

Cost effective graphic design

A well designed and effective website doesn't have to cost a premium. By using a CMS platform it allows you to update your website by using the same techniques you use in Microsoft Word®.

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"Working with Justin, to create a website for our photography business, has been a wonderful experience! He has been so patient with us. If we didn't understand something, he was...